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Feifan Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a most earliest factory in China to apply various architectural design onto the inorganic board and panels, such as fiber cement board, no asbestos fiber reinforced calcium silicate board, Magnesium oxide board which short for MgO board. The architectural surface coated with all solid color, marble stone color or pattern, wooden grain color or pattern, metallic colors. It is technically controlled and innovative in environmental protection. Feifan has passed the national ISO9001:2008 certification and has become a government-recommended brand. The certified green products have been widely recognized by people from China and global around.

Feifan Building Materials uses 100% non-asbestos calcium silicate board or MgO sheet as the base core material, and special veneer is applied to the surface treatment to make it have excellent fire rate protection, durable, waterproof, moisture proof, not rot and termite proof. Absolutely the product is free of asbestos, no formaldehyde, nor benzene, and no harmful radioactive elements, to ensure the room or space with fresh and clean air, makes the living room, office, shopping mall or public area more comfortable.

Feifan wall board, wall panels, wall cladding has excellent good fire performance, does not burn in case of fire, does not burn at 800 °C, has no fire at 1200 °C, achieves the highest fire-proof rate and non-combustible grade A ( A grade is the best fire rate according the standard), and installed on the partition system of light steel structure keel, the fire limit reaches more than 3 hours.

What can Feifan offer for your architectural design wall cladding project? Feifan wall panels including the UV prepainted wall panel, high pressure laminated wall panel, aluminum wall panel, aluminum mgo board, cleanroom wall panels, tunnel wall cladding, exterior wall cladding, weatherboard cladding, fiber cement wall panel, no asbestos fiber calcium silicate board, Magnesium oxide board, short for MgO board; From the viewpoint of the available color, finish, coating or pattern, we provide you all solid color wall panel, marble stone color wall board, wood grain color wall paneling, fabric grain color wall cladding.

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